Whether on the ground or on top of a fence, Bipin likes to be creative when in comes to capturing any activities of AOMHK to produce photographs and videos. He has loved and respected Free-running for its philosophy and the style of movement and has been training on and off for 8 years. Within that period, he has been involved in performances and movies. For instance, in West Kowloon Cultural district and local blockbuster movie The Way We Dance. Moreover, he has worked in creating independent short movies such as “Don’t Just Dream, Do” and “Echoes of Motion”. Beside freerunning, Bipin has been exposed to diverse physical movements such a Tae Kwon Do, breakdance, gymnastics, basketball at an early age. Also, he is quite keen in music and plays the ukulele and the acoustic guitar as hobbies.

Bipin Bishwokarma