Eric began his learning of movement practices similar to many parkour practitioners; with martial arts. Also just like many parkour practitioners, Eric learned of parkour for the first time from the movie “Yamakasi.” At the time, the only way to learn parkour was by watching videos online and trial and error amongst equally novice friends.


Since starting in 2006, Eric has trained with and learned from other practitioners in Ecuador, USA, France, Korea, Russia, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Hong Kong. This has allowed Eric to experience a wide range of styles and movement philosophies, which has in turn broadened his perception of movement as a whole.

As a coach, Eric has organized and taught workshops, founded the parkour club at Lewis & Clark College, worked as an instructor at Revolution Parkour Beaverton and as head instructor at The Playground Gym in Portland, Oregon, USA. This has allowed Eric to teach students of all ages, from 5 years old to 70 years old