Learn to Move, Learn to Live

In the modern city of Hong Kong, AOMHK is an academy focusing on teaching parkour & freerunning. We apply parkour movement skills and its efficient training method to a variety of movements, exercises, conditioning, and stretching, as well as provide a brand new, exclusive way of training to adults, children, and teenagers to develop a healthy, capable and joyful life.

Parkour, originally known as "art du déplacement" incorporates elements of training from the Natural Method. This means that our students learn to adapt their bodies to their environment by running, jumping, climbing, carrying, crawling, balancing, etc. These skills develop strength, agility, and speed, which can all be used in real life scenarios, thus embodying the values of parkour: be strong to be useful. In addition, we foster the spirit and mindset to overcome all obstacles in life.

AOMHK was founded by a group of young people passionate about parkour who devote their lives to spreading the skills and values it provides to people and schools throughout Hong Kong. Our coaches have nearly 30 years of combined parkour training experience and have extensive coaching experience locally and internationally, teaching students from 5 to 70 years old.

Furthermore, the name “Academy Of Movement” embodies our goal to not only teach parkour safely and effectively, but also to incorporate elements from a variety of movement styles such as yoga, martial arts, and fitness training.