Stunt woman

Melody Chen , born in Taiwan, graduated from taiwan university Japanese dept. she was a university representative team member of Judo and basketball at school and had won Taiwan national area Judo competition Bronze Metal. After school she learned Ashtanga Yoga, Surfing, horseback riding,  Sasuke and accidentally start a career as a stunt woman from 2013 July in Taiwan. 


Since she has learned a variety experiences of different exercises and knowledge,she was also a girl fitness instructor to help girls to get fit and more flexible  in a healthy way.


 After move to Hong Kong she started focus on learning Parkour with Tai from 2015 Oct and finding Parkour is the most attractive training also the philosophy. Parkour has made Melody be a much more determined person and build a strong mind.


Also with her art background she is also one of the designer of AOMHK.