The ultimate parkour master is yourself (真正Parkour大師就是你自己)

I practice that “typical Yamakasi” sport that some students undermine and criticise, thinking they’re doing the right thing and fulfilling their roles as disciples.

Those students who have been trained or influenced by the words of my cousin David, feel that they are practitioners of the “authentic way” and hold the one and only truth of the Parkour history. But there are as many practices and histories as there are individuals. Full of confidence and loyalty towards their master, they cherish an external master cutting them off from their own inner master, how sad. They are holding on to the idea of an authentic practice which actually has been reshaped and redefined several times and its history based on some “I have been told”. Is this the authentic way? The first version of the history has been told in the TV news report “Stade 2” back in 1998 ( by David and Sebastien after their separation from the Yamakasi and that version was close to what I lived as well, in short: The story of a group of friends who met, sharing a quest and research of freedom, challenging themselves in the form of physical games, transcendence of self, exchange of ideas, thoughts and reflections about life, sharing precious and intense moments; and with the input of everyone’s different life and experience it gave birth to the Yamakasi for some and parkour for others. But in 2001, again in the TV news report “Stade 2” (, we rediscover parkour with a new history... This time a cousin who became the ultimate master surrounded by his disciples called Traceurs and presented as the creator and trainer of the Yamakasi. This act took away from me the years of hard work and personal efforts I made and also made me a thief for the Traceurs, I became their enemy. But I am a Wild Soul, the quest for truth is my way and I do not give up easily! I also have been quite surprised to see my uncle Raymond Belle portrayed as a hero. I respect and appreciate that he is a symbol of strength and courage and was an inspiration for some but for me it is a different story. I have been partly raised by my uncle during my childhood. He was hosted and welcomed by my parents for years and then kicked out from our place after my father found out he was abusing my sister. Often we idealise and fall into the trap of fascination, opening doors for the projection we idolise to manipulate us and make us puppets. In 1990, I was very fortunate to live the birth of the practice when the foundations weren’t established yet. Yann Hnautra and David Belle, the elders, were outstanding due to their physical abilities, my brother Phung Belle also outstanding because of his strong mental ability; others who also took part made parkour what it was and what it is today. Everybody was an apprentice and in a learning phase, no one could pretend to be superior to another. Since 2004, I share my passion with 3 other Yamakasi members through the ADD Academy. We all developed our own method since then. Yann Hnautra the “Tcheso”, Chau Belle the “ABC training” and Laurent Piemontesie, I can not recall exactly the name but I would say the “Esprit Yamak” (Yamak Spirit). We still continue together to share and exchange our vision of the practice of life. Personally, I have been a proactive practitioner since my younger age and at 14 years old I have been asked to create and develop a practice called Yamakasi, Art du Deplacement. I tried my best to help and if I hurt anyone in the process I give my profound apologies. I want to thank the new generation of Parkour and Free Running who managed to go beyond the preconceptions, false accusations and judgemental voices and who practice with the intention of self well being and well being of others. I wish from all my heart that my story and the one of my brothers of practice will be corrected, and that the practitioners of Yamakasi, ADD, get their dignity back and be free to practice also an authentic way. No practice is above another, we are all complimentary. Williams Belle, The Yamakasi Kid. Translation by Stephane V. Thanks a lot Steph, my friend. Original source:

"真正的Parkour大師,是你自己" ~~~ Williams Belle。


那些學生們受到我表哥David Belle的說話及訓練所影響: 認為他們是接受”正宗方法”的Parkour訓練者瞭解Pakour唯一且真實的歷史。



他們固執地深信自己所實踐的是真正正宗的練習法,卻不知道其已經被重塑並且再定義過許多次,他們所深信的歷史是根據”他們這樣告訴我” ,但這是真實的嗎?

最初版本的歷史是早在1998年的電視新聞報導”Stade 2”中,由David與Sebastien所講述 ( 。這時David與Sebastien剛從Yamakasi脫離,而這個版本所講述的歷史與我所認知經歷過的生活十分貼近。

簡單來說: 這個故事是講述一群朋友聚集在一起,他們分享彼此的探索與冒險,對自由的追尋,以體能遊戲的方式挑戰自我,激發內在潛能,他們互相交換點子,想法,以及對生活的反思,他們一起共同經歷珍貴且激情的時刻。是這群人迥異的個體生命經歷及生活經驗互相激盪,誕生了日後一群練習者的Yamakasi以及另一群人的Parkour。

但在2001年,我們卻發現電視新聞“Stade 2”再次( 報導了一個新版的Parkour歷史: 這次我們的表哥成為至高無上的大師,由一群稱作Traceurs所擁載跟隨,表哥成為了Yamakasi的創辦者和宗師。這個行為奪取了我多年所付出心血與努力,也讓我變成了這些追隨者眼中的小偷,成為了他們的敵人。但我擁有野性的靈魂,追尋真理是我堅持的道路,我不會就此輕易放棄!

亦讓我感到驚訝的是我的叔叔Raymond Belle被描繪成一位英雄,我尊敬且感激他所象徵的力量與勇氣,他帶給一些人啟發與激勵。但對我來說實情完全不同。


我很幸運地生活在1990年代這項運動初誕生且尚未建立好基礎的時期: David跟Yann,年長的他們擁有卓越的身體素質及體能,我的大哥Phung Belle擁有勇敢、堅強的心理素質,還有其他卓越的練習者的投入催生了Parkour的創立演化為今天的Parkour。


從2004年開始,我和其他三位Yamakasi的成員透過ADD移動藝術學院分享我們的熱情。我們各自發展了訓練方法: Yann Hnautra方法稱為" Tcheso" Chau Belle的稱為"ABC訓練",Laurent Piemontesie 我不太確定完整名稱,但我會稱為"Esprit Yamak" (強健的精神) ,至今我們持續不斷地共享及交流實踐生活的願景

我個人從幼年時期開始就一直是一位主動積極先發先行的練習者,從十四歲開始就一直從事創造以及發展被稱作Yamakasi Art du Deplacement.的練習法。


我感謝新世代的Parkour及Free Running練習者能超越偏見,錯誤的指控和批判的聲音,在追求自我幸福和福祉他人的心態下練習。

我衷心企盼我的故事以及我兄弟們所實踐過的歷史能被正名,讓Yamakasi ADD的練習者重拾尊嚴,以自由且真實地方式練習。


Willams Belle ,Yamakasi之子

由 Stephane V.翻譯 (英文) 

感謝我的朋友Stephane V。

中文由Tai & Melody 翻譯

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