Parkour From A to the UFC!------(Parkour從A到B...到UFC)

The growth and expansion of parkour never ceases to amaze me. Not so long ago it was a marginal practice and here we are today with UFC champion Connor McGregor implementing some parkour elements into his training.

Before going out for some training during the early days of the creation phase we use to say: "On va bouger". Literally, let's move. MOVE. Again to emphasise the fact that parkour IS a movement practice, a generalist approach that involves different types of movements.

I always strongly believed parkour was a very complete discipline, aiming to develop and maintain the fundamental functions and abilities of a human being. Running, climbing, jumping, lifting, carrying, throwing, inverting, crawling, balancing etc...And of course beyond the physical aspect of the practice, building self efficacy, confidence, developing instinct and to feel more, fight the fear, train your will, meet your limit and overcome them; grow.

Although that belief was established strong in me and was the fuel driving me every day, it was still hard to convince other people besides the few who were practicing it at the time. The whole thing simply appeared as a rogue activity to the outside world.

Times have changed and although it is still a very misunderstood discipline and often badly portrayed in the media, parkour is reaching out and the idea of moving more and in different ways is becoming a more popular concept now. I recently watched a video of the "Notorious" Connor McGregor, new UFC world champion saying he was experiencing new type of movements to improve his fighting abilities with Ido Portal and one of his movement training was parkour. Who would have thought that back in 2013 when I first met Ido and introduced him to some parkour training principles it would then be prime time at the UFC with a great fighter like Connor McGregor couple of years later. What an achievement and satisfaction to see that high level athletes like him are also enjoying the benefits of such a practice.

The physically active crowd, movement lovers and fitness enthusiasts are moving towards a more holistic and movement-based training approach and that is simply amazing to witness and be part of.

Picture of Ido and I during a heigth training session in Bangkok

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Parkour的成長和擴張從未停止給我帶來驚喜.不是很久之前它還是一個邊緣訓練時至今日UFC冠軍 Connor McGregor 也會加入Parkour元素在他的訓練上

在練習早期,出外練習前我們都會說"On va bouger".字面意思是,開始行動吧,行動吧!再次強調那事實parkour是一個動作的訓練, 一種涉及不同類型的動作和方法的運動

我非常相信parkour是一個十分完整的訓練,目標是發展和維持人類基本的能力和功用. 跑步,攀爬,跳躍,舉重,搬運,投擲,反轉,爬行,平衡等等





原本Parkour概念是接觸外面世界, 在現今以不同的方法去移動更多已成為主流的Parkour概念.我最近看了"Notorious" Connor McGregor的一段影片,新的UFC世界冠軍說他之前體驗由Ido Portal帶給他新的動作去改善他格鬥的能力,而其中一種訓練就是Parkour.誰會想像到在2013年我與Ido第一次的見面我把parkour訓練原理介紹給了他後,Parkour會在數年後與偉大的UFC格鬥家Connor McGregor的黃金時期一起.能夠看到一個像他一樣高水平的運動員同樣享受Parkour訓練的好處真是讓我感到滿足和成就感

體力活動的人群, 動作愛好者和健身愛好者正朝著一個更全面和基於動作訓練方法而能夠目睹這樣的發展真的讓人感到奇妙

中文由Tai & Melody 翻譯

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