A young Hong Kong Parkour community pioneer, in early 2006 began to practice Parkour. He has learned a lot from Parkour and his friends since that time.


Now he moves forward to pursue a dream, he never gives up and this spirit inspires people around him.


The craziest things he has done:

Back then no one could do one-arm handstand. He tried alone for a long time but did not find the right way. It

made him feel very negative and down, even wonder if there is a problem in his own talent. He even was determined to put down the Parkour training.

He went alone to Chinese Hebei Acrobatic Troupe to accept 8 hours of hand-balancing training every day (although he wasn't even speaking Mandarin by that time). After returning to Hong Kong, he shared the experience and technique to his friends.

More and more people now understand the technique of one-arm handstand.


In 2010 he met Yamakasi founder Williams Belle (the world first class Parkour trainer) who was coming for a movie shooting. Williams gave him a real Parkour understanding.

In 2015 he participated in Stephane Vigroux (David Belle apprentice) and Chau Belle's (Yamakasi founder) training in Singapore. He was inspired by them.


He personally is against Parkour and Freerunning competitions. Scores and rankings as a way for gaining appreciation is contrary to the training spirit and philosophy of parkour, he says.


He became aware of his position and importance in the Parkour community of Hong Kong and founded the AOMHK (Academy of Movement Hong Kong) in 2016.


As AOMHK, we hope everyone can get to know by Movement itself without any limitation at a level to provide more comprehensive development of body and soul.